About Our Sabers

Common Features

All of our sabers have these features:
  • Infinite colour selection - easily change the light to any colour
  • Soundfonts - switch between many different sound profiles based on your favourite characters
  • Flash on clash - impact noise and lights when struck
  • Smooth swing - sounds adapt accurately to movement

VHC System

Most of our sabers are compatible with the Variable Hilt System (VHS). This means that most of their parts are interchangeable. There are a few exceptions, however:
  • Most sabers take blades that are 1" in diameter, but there are a few that are 7/8". It is possible to use an adapter to attach a 7/8" blade to a 1" hilt, though we do not carry this adapter at this time. It is not possible to attach a 1" blade to a 7/8" hilt.
  • Some cores have a round charging port, and some have USB-C (rounded rectangle). The hilt piece that attaches to this must match.
  • Baselit cores must be paired with baselit blades, and Xenopixel cores must be paired with Neopixel blades.

Check the product description to see if a particular hilt is VHC-compatible.

Combining Two Sabers into a Staff

two sabers joined to create a staff

Another feature of the VHC system is that two sabers may be joined at the ends using a coupler to form a double-bladed saber staff. We do not sell couplers separately at this time, but some sabers come equipped with a pommel that also functions as a coupler. Check the product description for more details.

Core Types


Baselit means that the lights are all in the hilt. The blade is a hollow tube that the light shines into to illuminate it.

Baselit sabers are often preferred for dueling, as there are no electronics within the blade that could be damaged. They are also a great low budget option.

Check out our baselit demo below!


A Xenopixel core uses a Neopixel blade. Neopixel blades have a string of LEDs running the full length inside the blade. This makes for a brighter light, and improved effects including cooler ignition/shutoff animations, flame and rainbow blade styles, and more.

It is also possible to install different soundfonts on a Xenopixel core.

Check out our Xenopixel demo below!


All sabers are covered by a one year limited warranty from date of receipt. This warranty covers defects found in original workmanship and original materials only, and does not extend to modified products of any kind.

If you have any issues not covered by the warranty, please contact us anyway, as we may be able to offer additional troubleshooting or repair options.